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Whitepaper: What I wish I knew about retirement

Insights into the financial needs of Australian retirees

Australians are living longer than ever before, thanks to advances in healthcare, improved living standards and a range of work and lifestyle changes. But as living expenses continue to rise, many Australians who are either approaching or already in retirement are rightly concerned about whether they’ll have enough money to last their lifetime.

To deepen our understanding of the realities of retiring today, TAL commissioned a research study into the lived experience of Australian retirees, as well as the concerns and expectations of those approaching retirement.

What we learned

Retirement looks different for everyone. We undertook this research because we wanted to get a better understanding of what Australians are doing to prepare for their retirement, and how those who have already retired feel about the actions and decisions they’ve made.

We discovered some key differences between the expected needs and challenges identified by pre-retirees and those experienced by retirees. Many of these differences relate to financial confidence and the approach they’ve taken, or are planning to take, to manage their retirement nest egg.

Key insights:

Find out how together, we can help more members retire with confidence.

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The opportunity

We believe that by understanding the expectations and concerns of pre-retirees, and the lived experience of retirees, super funds can better address knowledge and product gaps to help more Australians retire with confidence.

The good news is that whether they’re preparing for or already living in retirement, Australians welcome guidance from their super fund on how best to manage their retirement savings.

One of the most positive insights from the research is that financial engagement is high among both pre-retirees and retirees. This presents a clear opportunity for super funds to capitalise on their members’ engagement by providing education and guidance to help members make decisions that will improve their retirement outcomes.

By offering guidance, support and tools at the right time to help inform members’ retirement decisions, super funds will be better placed to retain more members for life.

“We hope this paper provides valuable guidance and initiates meaningful conversations about the role of super funds and insurers in helping members enjoy a more comfortable and financially secure retirement.”
Ashton Jones, General Manager - Growth, Retirement and Wealth Partnerships

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